The Rotary Club of Romsey is just a part of a
huge worldwide movement. We meet weekly in
Romsey and use our expertise together to give
something back, whilst having fun doing it!

Making a difference

From the local neighbourhood, determined to make a
difference in our town, to the global network dedicated,
for instance, to wiping polio from the face of the earth,
Rotary International supports all types of communities
and charities. We seek out life’s doers, the workers,
those with busy lives but not too busy to think about
the needs of others. We work together with good
causes to make sure we institute change for the better.
There are 1,830 clubs across Great Britain and in
Romsey we are fortunate to have two Rotary Clubs.

Join us in service above self

Join Rotary and you join a group of people who are
seeking to serve and to change things. We believe
society and people are at their best when they work
together. That way we can help our town become a
better place to live and also help internationally.
We’re looking for like minded people to join us, to help
us to help others whilst making great friends along the
way. If that interests you we’d love to chat with you.
All our work is about helping others be it organising
this Relay Marathon or helping with disaster relief
anywhere in the world. Each club has its own unique
personaity, some, such as The Rotary Club of Romsey
meet at lunchtime others like our daughter club
Romsey Test in the evening and there are even some
breakfast clubs now.

We’re good for business

Rotary was founded over 100 years ago as a business
networking group and today those opportunities are still
there as friendships develop. Our members are drawn
from all walks of business and professional life. So the
opportunity to network are literally endless. So while
giving something back to the community your business
life can benefit as well as your social life.

We are for friendship

Outside of their community work our 53,000 British
and Irish members share a common interest in having
a good time. Every club organises social events and
activities that provide a welcome break from hectic
business life and the chance to form deep friendships.
By joining us you’ll feel a strong sense of camaraderie
and enjoy good company.

We’re a global community

When you join the Rotary Club of Romsey you become
a member of a global family with over 1.2 million
members worldwide. That means a warm welcome
and help wherever you are on your travels at any one
of the 34,000 clubs around the globe
Have a chat with a Rotarian today, both men and
women. The Rotary Club of Romsey currently
encompasses ages of 24 to 90. We pride ourselves
on a warm welcome.